SATONIL PA - Cold Sanitizer based on 15% PAA

SATONIL PA is a special fast action sanitizer based on stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid. SATONIL PA is highly effective against all types of microorganisms and viruses even in cold water. Peracetic acid provides fast sanitizing and Hydrogen Peroxide rendered the product suitable for flushing or immersion.


Form                       :   Clear Liquid

Appearance         :   Colorless

Odour                     :   Acedic

Specific Gravity   :   1.0±0.01 g/cm3

pH value                :   4.20±0.5 in 1% solutio
                                     2.0±0.5 in Concentrate Form

Solubility                :   100% water Soluble


Generally concentrations of 0.05 – 0.3% are required for disinfection. Temperature range from ambient to approx 550C is preferred for disinfection. Higher temperature intensies the disinfection action or reduces contact time. Temperature beyond 550C is not necessary for obtaining an improved germicidal action and should be avoided for reasons of stability. Always rinse thoroughly after use.

It is developed for giving fast sanitizing effect in Food & Beverage Industries, Dairies, Poultry & Fish Processing Units.

Broad spectrum disinfection activity against all types of micro-organisms.

SATONIL PA can be used for disinfection in Cleaning-In-Place as well as Fogging Applications through circulation and spray process.


Hydrogen Peroxide    :    10-20%

Peracetic Acid             :    15% 

Acetic Acid                   :    15 – 30%

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