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What is Laundry System?

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What is Laundry System?

A commercial laundry system is a combination of commercial washers, dryers, and other ancillary equipment. Each part of the system works to clean and dry fabrics of larger quantities and higher frequencies than typical domestic machines.

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Cleaning Cycle – Sinner’s Circle - TACT

Time : While something like time might sound like a simple optimization variable, it can be complicated based on the soil and its preparation. The contact time in which the cleaning agent is exposed to the soil is very important for efficient cleaning.

Action : Action is the type of cleaning method that will be chosen to be in contact with the soil, that is decided based upon the capabilities of the client.

Chemistry : Out of all four TACT variables, Chemistry is the first one we assess. Our aim is to allow the Chemistry of the detergent, rather than the Action of the cleaning process, to accomplish the majority of the cleaning.

Temperature : Temperature is a very important optimization factor in the cleaning process. We focus on the temperature of all cleaning steps and not just detergent steps. If temperature isn’t optimized correctly in each step, there is the risk that soils will not be removed or that other cleaning issues will arise.

Perfect Example of WATCH Factor is Laundry Machine

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