About Us

We introduce ourselves as the manufacturer of specialty chemicals who entered the market of Industrial cleaning in 1999.

SATOL offers scientifically proven cleaning solutions and disinfectants aimed at reducing harmful effect on environment.

SATOL Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is a Green Building Certified Factory. We are ISO 9000-2015 / GMP & ISO 22000: 2018 certified company, we also have the FDA approval for most of our chemicals with the green building certification for our Factory.

What we value

Our Vision

"To make the whole world understand what cleaning stands for by setting up examples through our products and their use."

Our Mission

"To be a trendsetter in cleaning industry pioneering not only hygiene market but also paving the way for our competitors through our high standards which will propel them towards the attainment of their maximum efficacy, raising the bar for worldwide hygiene altogether."

“With Immaculate Performance Imbibed In Our Products We Dedicate Ourselves To Preserving Cleanliness In An Ecological Way”

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