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About Satol Chemicals - Specialty Cleaning Hygiene Solutions

Welcome to Satol, a leading manufacturer of Specialty Cleaning Hygiene Solutions since 1999. Our expertise includes Industrial Sectors including Breweries, Beverages, Dairy, Food Processing, Poultry, Fisheries, Water Treatment, and Machines. Recently, we’ve expanded into Institutional Cleaning, serving Commercial Laundry, Facility Management, Hotels, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Government, and Food Services.

Our solutions prioritize environmental sustainability, backed by scientific research. As a Green Building Certified Factory, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint. With ISO 9000-2015, GMP, ISO 22000:2018 certifications, and FDA approval for many chemicals, we ensure quality and reliability. Explore our journey towards quality and sustainability!

Satol Chemicals Core Values

Our Vision

“To promote a global understanding of the authentic nature of Speciality Cleaning & Hygiene through outstanding products and their effective use. Explore our innovative solutions and redefine the standards of cleanliness in your industry”

Our Mission

“To set new trends in the Specialty Cleaning Hygiene industry, not only leading the hygiene market but also inspiring our competitors. Our high standards drive them towards maximum efficacy, raising the bar for worldwide hygiene as a whole.”

“With our Specialty Cleaning Hygiene Solutions, we're committed to delivering impeccable performance while preserving cleanliness in an eco-friendly manner”

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