SATOL SD5 De-Scaler

SATOL DS is an excellent descaler product which efficiently removes Calcium and Magnesium scales from hard surfaces, metals, glass etc.


Form                      :  Clear Liquid 

Appearance        :  Light Yellowish 

Odour                    :  Odourless 

Specific Gravity  :   1.60±0.05 g/cm 3

Solubility               :   100% water soluble

PH                           :   1.5±0.5 in 1% solution 
                                    1.2±0.5 in Concentrate Form


SATOL DS is used directly as well as in combination with acid solution in CIP system.

It can be used on the places where scaling (Ca & Mg deposits) occurs very fast due to low of acid and alkalis.

An excess of 0.5 to 1.0% of SATOL DS is required to obtain the desired descaling effect, which is also dependent on the contact time and temperature during the CIP.

Immediate prevention of new soild scale deposits.

Dissolves existing deposits in pipelines and heat exchanges.

Effective reduction of aggressive corrosion attack.


Citric Acid :  5 – 7%

SLES :  0.5 – 1%

Non Ionic Surfactant :  0.5 – 1%

Nitric Acid  : 20 – 30%


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