SATOL S9 – Washroom Cleaner (Hard water Location)


SATOL S9 – Washroom Cleaner (Hard water Location)

WASHROOM CLEANER is a concentrated liquid detergent specially developed for daily washroom cleaning needs in Hotels, Hospitals, Industrial Premises etc. It is suitable for cleaning of all the surfaces in washrooms, restrooms, shower rooms, urinals and toilet bowls etc.


Appearance           : Liquid

Colour                      : Red

Specific Gravity      : 1 ± 0.2 g/cm3

pH value                   : 3.0 ± 5 (in 1% solution)
                                      1.5 ± 0.5 (in 100% solution) )


Normal Soiling : 10‐20 ml in 1  litreof water

Heavy Soiling : 20‐30 ml in 1 litre of water.

Spray or apply the surface with recommended dilution of cleaning solution. Then clean the  surface with brush or scrub and  rinse with adequate amount of  water.

Recommended for daily cleaning applications as routie maintenance program.

Highly effective in the penetration of deposits such as uric acid, soap  scum, organic matter, water deposits on hard and nonporous washable surfaces. Hard Water Stain removal.

Suitable on most of the surfaces like ceramic, plastic, porcelain,  beerglass, SS etc.


Hydrochloric acid         :  15% – 20%

Phosphate ester           :  2.5% – 5%

Non-ionic surfactant   :  1.5% -2.5%

Cationic surfactant      :  1% – 2%


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