SATOL S8 – Supreme


SATOL S8 – Supreme

SATOL SUPREME (MULTIPURPOSE PASTE CLEANER) product is a nest solution to remove any old and hard stains from any surface due to oil and dirt with fast action.


Appearance        :  Thick Paste

Colour                   :  White

Specific Gravity   :  0.99 ± 0.1 g/cm3

pH value                :  2.5 ± 0.5 (in 1% solution) 0.1
                                    ± 0.5 (in 100% solution)

Viscosity                :  825 m pass

Pack Size                :  5 ltr / 1 liter


Prepare 5 % solution for application.

Apply directly on the rust stains, pan stains ,oily stains and paint stains.

Then after 3 to 5 minutes scrub and wipe cloth or wiper.

Do not mix with bleaches or  other cleaning products.

Do not use on acid sensitive  surfaces.

Easily removes rust and pan stains from surface. 

Cleans the oil and paint stains from the surface.

Used directly on surface, enables fast and easy application. 

Ready to use product with instant results. 


Nonionic Surfactants ≤ 15 % Silicate ≤ 20% Oxalic Acid ≤ 15%


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