RINSE SET is Liquid additive to alkaline washing agents for automatic bottle washers in the brewing and beverage industries.


Form                  :  Clear Liquid
Appearance    :  Brown
Solubility           :  100% water soluble         
pH                       :  9 – 10% in 1% solution 


Concentration RINSE SET : 0.2 – 1.0%

Concentration NaoH : 2.0 – 3.0%

By Dosing Pump : For dosing RINSE SET directly into the caustic bath we recommend the use of RINSE SET diaphragm pumps. For control of the caustic soda solution we recommend the use of RINSE SET inductive conductivity meters. Dosing of RINSE SET can be  proportional to the caustic soda pump.

RINSE SET is contains special complexing agents for the removal of rust
stains, calcium and magnesium deposits and organic and inorganic


Non ionic Surfactants         :  5 – 10%

Non ionic Surfactants         :   5 – 10%

HEDP                                        :   2 – 5%


RINSE SET and liquid caustic soda have to be charged separately into the cleaning solution, since these two concentrates must not be mixed with each other, RINSE SET can be added directly from the storage container (plastic or steel) to the cleaning solution.

When charging the machine make sure always to add the RINSE SET solution first, to eliminate scale forming water hardness.

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