Drian Cleaner

Drian Cleaner

SATOL DRAIN is a ready to use highly concentrated bio-formulation designed specifically for the maintenance of grease traps, drains and sewage pits.


Form                       : Liquid
Appearance         : Sky Blue
Specific Gravity    : 0.99 g/cm3
pH                            : 6.95±0.5% Concentrate Form
                                  7.45±0.5% in 1% Solution


Dilute 3 litre SATOL DRAIN with 12 litre of hand warm water. Apply this solution to all lines within the facility and distribute to all floor drains within the kitchen area. This will provide a reduction in odour within the complete facility within 12 to 24 hours and provide adequate culture for start up effectiveness.

For the first 7-10 days: dose with the automatic JohnsonDiversey dosing system 500 – 700 ml per day to the drain system for establishing the necessary bacterial colonies. Add product up stream to grease trap. Preferably add the SATOL DRAIN after cleaning at the end of the day.`


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