SATOL NAC - Alkaline CIP Cleaner Safe for ETP

SATOL NAC - Alkaline CIP Cleaner Safe for ETP

SATOL NAC has been developed for the current requirement of cleaning & sanitation in the Food & Beverage Industries, especially in Dairies. This product can be applied as additive to caustic for CIP and also for manual cleaning of external surfaces like crates, cans, floor, trays etc.


Form                      :   Liquid 
Appearance        :   Colourless
Odour                    :   Odourless
Specific gravity   :   1.10±0.05 g/cm3
Solubility               :   100% water soluble
pH                           :   10.50±0.5 in 1% solution
                                    12.50±0.5 Concentrate 


Recommended for CIP and daily cleaning applications in Food Processing Units. Compatible for use on stainless steel, plastic, rubber and other mostlyfound surfaces in Food Processing Units. SATOL NAC for manual / machine cleaning : Flush out surface with water and then wet the surface with 0.8 to 1.0% SATOL NAC. Rub the surface and flush outwith water. SATOL NAC in CIP : Flush out with water up to 10 minutes. The percentage should be changed if using hard water above 200 ppm.



Non Ionic Surfactants     :  10 – 12%
Phosphates                       :  < 5%
Alkali                                   :  < 5%
Silicates                              :  < 5%

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