SATOL HP3 - Surface Disinfectant

SATOL HP3 is an effective disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide with usage applications in various Institutional and Industries.


Form                        :  Liquid
Appearance          :  Light Blue
Odour                      :  Slightly Sharp odour
Specific Gravity     :  1.0 ± 0.05 g/cm3
Solubility                 :  100% water soluble
pH                             :  3 to 5 in concentrat


Do not dilute

Ready to use Chemical

Spray directly over surface & wipe it with a clean cloth or single- use paper towel.

Better keeping chemical on surface for 5 minutes for effective results.

In case of heavily soiled surface, it will be better to preclean the surface better applying ready to use chemical.

Institutional Space (Schools, Offices, Public, Retail).

HORECA Segment (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe).

Food, Dairy & Beverage Industries.

Manufacturing Industries & Transport Sector.



A mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide  :  3% w/w in Demineralised water.


It is used as a terminal disinfectant against various types of micro organisgms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores on surface.


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