SATOL GC - Manual Cleaning at Dairy

SATOL GC - Manual Cleaning at Dairy

Satol – GC has been developed for the current requirement of general cleaning & sanitation for cold application area in the food & beverage and dairy industries in India. Satol-GC can be applied as a high foaming surfactant used for crates, cans, floor, trays etc. It is an eco-friendly product and has no irritation on human skin.


Form                      :   Clear Liquid 
Appearance        :   Off White to Milky
Odour                    :   Odourless
Specific Gravity   :   1.0±0.1 g/cm 3
Solubility                :  100% water soluble 
pH                            :  5.50 – 6.50in Concentrate Form


SATOL – GC is applied at 1 % – 2 % for manual use depending on the application.

Frequency of applicationwith SATOL – GC should be done after batch or process shift.

The percentage should be changed if using hard water above 200 ppm. Flush out water for 10 min.

SATOL – GC is a combination of highly concentrated cleaner with high foaming surfactant, which reduces the surface tension and cationic-based disinfectant for quick sanitation, so it works as a cleaner as well as a disinfectant.

SATOL – GC is safe on various surfaces like: stainless steel, Aluminium, plastic, rubber, fiberglass and all materials utilized in food and dairy industries.




Non Ionic Surfactants      :  < 15%
Benzalkonium Chloride   :  < 5%
Specialty Phosphate        :  < 3-5%
Silicates                               :  < 3-5%

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