SATOL EXTRA SHINE – High Crystalizing Liquid For Marble Floor

satol extra shine

SATOL EXTRA SHINE – High Crystalizing Liquid For Marble Floor

SATOL EXTRA SHINE Spray –Crystallizer for the maintenance of stone floors. Used with a Steel wool pad and a single disc machine the product provides a high gloss on marble and other calcareous stones without building a film on top.


Appearance        :  Liquid 

Specific Gravity   :  1.17

PH                           :  2.67 (in 1%)
                                   0.90 (in 100% solution) 


SATOL EXTRA SHINE is ready to use.

Treat only thoroughly clean (free of all soil, wax, polish, oil and grease) and completely dry floors.

Shake well before use.

Fill the product into a spray device and spray sparingly (2-3 triggers/m² ) onto the floor. Treat not more than 2m² at the time. Distribute in circular motions with a single disc machine equipped with a steel wool pad until the product is completely absorbed. For more shine, recrystallize (2-3 triggers/m²) the area. Rinse the floor thoroughly with a Ph-neutral cleaner to remove pad residue.

By crystallizing marble floors, they get more wear resistant, and the acid sensitivity is reduced.

Can also be used to re-crystallize trac areas of previously treated floors.


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