SATOL DIP - Alkaline manual Cleaner

SATOL DIP is liquid alkaline low foam heavy duty cleaner developed for manual use in beverages industry. SATOL DIP is very effective when the object is been allowed to soak in 2% solution for 30 minutes and later cleaned manually.


Appearance         :  Liquid 

Colour                    :   Light Yellow Liquid

Odour                     :   Chlorine like 

Specific Gravity    :   1.01±0.01 g/cm 3

Solubility                :   100% water soluble

pH                            :   11 ± 1.0 in 1% solution 


To be used at concentrations between 1 – 3.0% depending on the type and level of dirty bottle.

Pre rinse the equipment in which solution to be prepared.

Take the hot water/ cold water and add alkaline detergent Satol DIP.

Then scrub the object with manual or automatic scrub.

Rinse the objects with fresh water.

The product is a perfect blend of low Foaming Surfactants, Sodium Hypochlorite, potassium hydroxide and silicates. The presence of surfactants offer wetting action and potassium hydroxide provides a strong detergent & de scaling effect.

Recommended for manual cleaning of heavy dirty bottles by soaking
them in Satodeep solution in Brewery and Beverages industry.


Sodium silicats            :   10-20%

Hypochlorite                 :  3-10%

Anionic surfactants     :  <1%

phosphonate                 : <1%


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