SATOCHURN - Powder Alkali Detergent

Satochurn is a soft metal safe, silicated powdered heavy-duty low foam detergent formulated for use in cleaning of Continuous Butter Making machines in the dairy industry.


Appearance           :  White Fine Powder
Odour                       :  Odourless in application
Solubility                  :  100% Soluble
Total alkalinity        :  21-24
% Na2O
pH                              :  12 ± 0.5


Use Satochurn at 0.3-2.0 % w/w depending on the degree of soiling andwater hardness.

Typical use temperatures are between 60 -80°C.

After cleaning with Satochurn, a thorough rinsing with potable water should be done.

Satochurn is a specialised detergent formulated for cleaning of CBM in the dairy industry.

It is silicated detergent that gives excellent fat penetration properties and also makes it soft metal safe product.

It is therefore safe for use on aluminium and other soft metals.

It enhances the anti sticking properties of the CBM to enable them handle butter moreefficiently.


Sodium Metasilicate     : >=30 %

Sodium Carbonate       :  5 – 15 %

Anionic Surfactants      :  < 5 %


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