SATFOAM CL - Chlorinated Foam Cleaning Agent

SATFOAM CL - Chlorinated Foam Cleaning Agent

SATFOAM CL is liquid alkaline chlorinated foam cleaner developed for daily use in the Food and Beverage Industries. The product is a perfect blend of potassium hydroxide, high foaming surfactants and hypochlorite.


Form                     :  Clear Liquid 

Appearance        :  Light Yellowish 

Odour                    :  Chlorine Like 

Specific gravity   :  1.1±0.05g/cm3

Solubility               :  100% water soluble

pH                           :  12±0.5 in 1% solution
                                   12.5±0.5 in Concentrate Form


Use at concentrations between 2-10% v/v depending on the type and degree of contamination. 

Recommended for daily cleaning applications of processing area and processing equipments in Food and Beverage Industries.

It is suitable for use with wide range of foam application equipments.

The presence of surfactants offers an improved sanitizing action and potassium hydroxide provides a strong detergent effect.

It is very effective for use on a wide variety of applications ranging from effective removal and prevention of food soiling, scale deposits and oil stains.



Potassium Hydroxide  :  10-15%

Hypochlorite                  :   < 5%

Anionic surfactants      :   < 5%

Silicates                           :   < 2%


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