SATFAB PEROXY - Multipurpose Bleach

SATFAB PEROXY - Multipurpose Bleach

SATFAB PEROXY is a bleaching powder concentrate, especially formulated for use in commercial laundries, hospitals and OPL. The Product should be applied in the main wash at temperatures between 40 and 70 ° C and it can be used for all types of fabric, except wool and nylon (polyamide).


Appearance : White Fine Powder
pH                   : 11.01 (1% Solution)


SATFAB PEROXY is most effective at temperatures between 60 and 70 ° C.

It is important to avoid any contact with SATFAB PEROXY in the initial phase wash (t = 0 – 7 minutes).

Do not use SATFAB PEROXY for washing wool and nylon (polyamide; eg dust cloth)

SATFAB PEROXY is an effective bleaching powder, based on TAED / perborate system average temperature bleaching and whitening agents stabilizers.

In addition this product contains alkali salts and nonionic surfactants which also allows the soil removal and improves dispersion ability, when combined with a primary detergent.



Ethyelene Diamin Tetraacetic Acid :  15%

Soda Ash                                               :  30%

Sodium perborate                               : 50%


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