SATFAB ALL IN ONE - Detergent With Built in Alkali Booster.

SATFAB ALL IN ONE - Detergent With Built in Alkali Booster

SATFAB ALL IN ONE is a fully built, advanced laundry detergent with built – in alkali booster for light and heavy soils. SATFAB ALL IN ONE is for most of the fabric used in OPL and commercial laundry that is cottons, polyesters and cotton – polyester blends.


Appearance     :   White Fine Powder
pH                       :    11.29 (1% solution


The prescribed dosage is between 3 – 8 gm/kg of dry load depending on wash temperature, soil level, type of linen, water hardness and performance required.

Our Technical customer service personnel will be happy to advise on appropriate dosage and suitable wash processes for your laundry.

Combined detergent with builder booster hence no need for additional alkali booster.

Special non – ionic formulation provides excellent detergency on all types of fatty soils.


Soda Ash                                                 :  -55% – 65%

Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate  (STPP)   :  – 10%

Sodium Meta Silicate (SMS)                : – 15%


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