SATOL SD4 - Vegetable Sanitizer


SATOL SD4 - Vegetable Sanitizer

This VEGETABLE SANITIZER is a specialy developed cold disinfectant for food and dairy industries for quick and cold starilization requirement. It is a combination of highly consentrate hydrogen peroxide and silver cataion.

SATOL SD4 is a totaly new genration odourless, testless and non-toxic disinfectant : No effect on Ph value as well as safe on various surfaces as non- corrosive effect.

Reaction while adding satonil with water at time of final circulation as: H2O2 + 1/2 O2 (Nascent Oxygen) where Nascent oxygen works as a disinfectant in satonil.




Foam                    : Clear Liquid

Appearance       :  Colourless

Odour                   :  Odourless

Specifc Gravity   :  1.15±0.05 g/cm 3 

Solubility               :  100% water soluble

pH                           :  7.25±0.25 in 1% solution
                                   2.25±0.25 in Concentrate Form


As a spray fumigant: Use 60ml of SATONIL with 940ml of water for approx. 1500 CU. FT. Area. Theroom is ready in just 1 hrs. time.

For hand cleaning: Dilute 1 part of SATONIL to 50 part of water. Dip vegetable in solution or moisture. Do not wash. Germs are removed & killed as soon as vegetable dries up.

It can be applied on fruits and vegetables; Normally utilise in Diaries/Beverages/Breweries/ Food processing industry. Very low percentage of Satonil require for rubber gaskates, ‘O” ring used in the equipment.



Hydrogen Peroxide  :  49 – 50%
Collidal Silver ION    :  500 ppm±100

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