STENZA - AR – Adhesive Remover Chemical

stenza AR

STENZA - AR – Adhesive Remover Chemical

SATOL STENZA developed on a very special request of Indian railway to remove the headache of labels and remaining gum stains throughout the trains.


Appearance        :  Liquid

Colour                   :  Light Yellow

Odour                    : Odourless

Specific Gravity   :  0.85 ± 0.5  g/cm3

pH value                :  5.5 ± 0.5 (in 1% solution)

Solubility                :  100% water Soluble

Pack Size               :  5 ltr


Stenza ready- to -use product Directly spray on the sticker or adhesive till sticker is wet in solution.

Then after 40 seconds remove the sticker & clean the surface by dry cloth only.

This product is having no irritation on human skin.

Also, it has fine odor and at same time having excellent performance as a remover.


Organics Solvent             : < 95%

Non Ionic Surfactants    :  < 2%

Fragrance                         :  >0.5%


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