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SPIRAL SUPER (EHD) Heavy Duty Liquid Degreaser

SPIRAL SUPER (EHD) is a heavy duty liquid degreaser concentrate
developed for penetrating and dissolving hard oily surfaces and
greece stain. It provides fast penetration through highly soiled
surfaces like grease, fats etc.


Appearance        :  Liquid

Colour                   :  Pink

Odour                    :  Odourless

Specific Gravity   :  1.10 ± 0.5  g/cm3

Viscocity                : 540 ± 50 m Pass

pH value                :   11.40±0.05 in 1% solution
                                    11.80±0.05 in Concentrate



Normal Soiling          :  10 ml in 1liter water
Heavy Soiling            :  20 – 30 ml in 1liter water
Very Heavy Soiling   :  50 ml in 1 liter water

Recommended for daily cleaning applications of food processing area and processing equipments in Food and Beverage Industries. Compatible for use on stainless steel, plastic, rubber. Long term Application on aluminium surfaces should be avoided and short term
use is recommended. Water rinsing of application surface is recommended.


Potassium Hydroxide     :  10-15%
EDTA                                    : 5%
Non Ionic Surfactants     :  10-15%
Cationic Surfactants       : 5%


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