SATONIL QUAT is a general purpose disinfectant for Plant Cleaning Applications in Food & Beverage Industries. This product is an excellent combination of various cationic surfactants and sequestering agent which results in efficient soil removal and disinfection of the surface.


Appearance         :  Liquid

Colour                    :  Colorless

Odour                     : Odourless

Specific Gravity   :  1.0 g/cm3

pH value                : 8.5±0.5 in 1% solution
                                  9.50±0.5 in Concentrate Form

Solubility                :  100% water Soluble


SATONIL QUAT can be used for disinfection in General Cleaning, Cleaning-In-Place as well as fogging Applications through manual, circulation and spray process.

For General Cleaning & CIP applications, it can be used at 0.05-0.2% concentration and for Fogging applications; ideal concentration is 0.2-0.5%.

Broad spectrum disinfection activity; including Gram Positive & Gram-Negative Bacteria.

General purpose cleaning applications in Food & Beverage Industry

Safe for Food Contact Surfaces & Non-Corrosive.


Didecy l dimethy l ammonium chloride : 8.7%

n-alky l dimethy l benzy l ammonium chloride : 8.19%

Laury l dimethy l amine oxide

Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid sodium salt

Sodium bicarbonate


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