SATOL SANIFOAM - Acidic Foam Cleaner

SATOL SANIFOAM - Acidic Foam Cleaner

SATOL SANIFOAM is acidic nature foam cleaner developed for cleaning applications in food processing industries such as beverage, dairy and brewery units. It is a perfect blend of inorganic acid and foaming agents. It also has its applications in fish processing and poultry units for quick cleaning of the processing areas.


Form                      :  Clear Liquid 

Appearance        :  Light Yellowish 

Odour                    : Odourless

Specific gravity   :  1.05±0.05g/cm3

Solubility               : 100% water soluble

pH                           : 2±0.5 in 1% solution
                                  0.50 in Concentrate Form


Use at concentrations between 1-10% v/v depending on the type and degree of contamination.

Water rinsing of application surface is recommended.

Recommended for daily and periodic cleaning applications of food processing area and processing equipments in Food and Beverage Industries.

It is suitable for use with wide range of foam application equipments.

Compatible for use on stainless steel, plastic, rubber. Long term Application on aluminium surfaces should be avoided and short term
use is recommended.



Phosphoric Acid            :  <5%

Amine Oxide                   :  >5%

Anionic Surfactants       : <5%

Nonionic Surfactants    : <5%

Phosphonate                   :  <5%


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