SATOL – OR Liquid Biocide for Microbe Control

SATOL – OR Liquid Biocide for Microbe Control

SATOL OR is an innovative and effective industrial odor controller with its applications in Food & Beverage industries and breweries.
It is a specially developed product for prevention of growth of algae and slime in circulating liquid section of pasteurizer zone.


Form                     :  Clear Liquid

Appearance       :  Colourless 

Odour                   :  Odourless

Specifc gravity   :  1.0±01g/cm3

Solubility              :   100% water soluble

PH                          :   7.0±0.5 in 1% solution
                                   3.5±1.0 in Concentrate Form 



Generally recommended dosage of SATOL OR is 0.01 to 0.2% to all zones of pasteurizer.

Depending on operation time, degree of soiling and bacterial contamination; continuous dosing or shock treatment is recommended.

A complete cleaning of pasteurizer is required before the application of SATOL OR

It provides efficient, cost effective microbiological control at low use concentrations.

It protects the aqueous phase from microbial growth and work as biocide against odor causing bacteria.

It helps to maintain pH of the system to slightly alkaline / neutral range and is noncorrosive towards exposed metal in pasteurizers.



Bronopol    :    7.5 – 10%


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