SATOL BLOSS – High Crystalizing Powder For Marble Floor

satol bloss

SATOL BLOSS – High Crystalizing Powder For Marble Floor

SATOL BLOSS is composed of polishing and high crystallization components with which optimal shine results are achieved. This surface treatment facilitates daily floor care because dirt does not stick.


Appearance      :  yellow, solid powder

Density @250C  :  0.95 – 1.05 gm / cm3

Pack Size             : 5 kg & 1 kg


Mix SATOL BLOSS with a small amount of water in a SATOL application bottle as follows:

Fill four (4) measuring cups SATOL BLOSS in the application bottle.

Carefully add two (2) measuring cups water (caution : avoid raising dust).

Tightly close the bottle and shake vigorously until a homogeneous paste results.

SATOL BLOSS removes very small, ne scratches and thus increases the stone’s contour acuity.

Treatment with SATOL BLOSS improves floor tread properties.


Dry vacuum or damp mop; if necessary, deep clean with SATOL S7.

Cover adjoining non-calcareous stone surfaces and any furniture.

Combined or multi-stone floors: Test SATOL BLOSS in an inconspicuous place on all stone types, before using.


Only for calcareous stone floors. Cover adjoining textile, synthetic or wood surfaces / floors.

Protect furniture from splashes. Prepare paste immediately before use. Wear gloves and rubber boots. Store powder in a dry place.

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