SATFAB RINSE - Neutralising Agent

SATFAB RINSE - Neutralising Agent

SATFAB RINSE is a mildly acidic powder which has the properties of neutralizing both alkalis and chlorine. Addition of SATFAB RINSE in the last rinse completely neutralizes any excess alkalinity as well as bleach.


Appearance          :  Light Yellow Liquid  
Specifc gravity      :  1.30
pH                            :  6.63 (1% solution)
pH                            :  5.61 (Concentrate)


SATFAB RINSE is to be dosed in the final rinse. Recommended dosage is 3 – 6 gms./kg. offabric load, depending on wash process.

Our technical Customer services Personnel will be happy to advise on appropriate dosage and suitable wash processes for your laundry.

Store in a dry place. Always use the same scoop for dispensing SATFAB RINSE. Close bag properly after use.

Prevents yellowing and possible fabric damage due to chlorine carry over.

Safe on all fabrics such as cottons, linens and synthetics.


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