SATFAB HYPO – Chlorine Bleach


SATFAB HYPO – Chlorine Bleach

SATFAB HYPO is a sodium hypochlorite based bleach suitable for use in all types of industrial  laundry machines. SATFAB HYPO effectively removes staining on WHITE linen.


Appearance        :   Clear Liquid

Specific Gravity   :   1.09±0.05 g/cm 3
pH Value               :   11.71±0.02 (1% solution)
                                    12.31±0.02 (Concentrate)


Dosage: 3 – 15ml per kilogram wash load depending on light to heavy stains. Maximum temperature 60°C. Dosage may vary according to degree of soiling.

Caution: DO NOT use on colours or on hospital linen that has been contaminated with chlorhexadine based disinfectants.

SATFAB HYPO is designed for use through the Satol Chemicals automatic dispensing equipment and should never be manually dosed.

Heavy concentrations should be used, it is recommended that an Anti‐Chlor such as SATFAB CID / SATFAB RUSTNIL be used to neutralise chlorine residual.


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