SATFAB BUILD – Detergent Booster

satfab build detergent booster

SATFAB BUILD – Detergent Booster

SATFAB BUILD is a liquid alkali builder/ booster, based on a mixture Of alkalis and NTA (water hardness binder), for use in Medium to hard water (125 – 250 ppm).


Appearance        :  Clear Liquid

Specific Gravity   :  1.23 g/cm3
pH Value               :  11.59 (in1%solution)

                                :  11.93 (Concentrate)


Dosing level is dependent on water hardness levels, nature and level of soil and type of fabric.

SATFAB BUILD is a powerful alkali builder/ booster, which is based on a balanced blend of alkali, water hardness sequestering agent and anti-greying agents.

SATFAB BUILD is most commonly applied in conjunction with a surfactant booster. These products combined with bleach or a powerful system, which may be used for cleaning fabric from hospitals and other health care establishments.

SOILLEVEL      DOSAGE  (ml/kg Dry Goods)

Light               8–12

Medium         15–20

Heavy            25–40


Sodium Hydroxide              : 20%

Non Anionic Surfactants   :  5%

Phosphates                          :  5%


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