SATFAB ACTION - Builder Booster For Water Conditioning

SATFAB ACTION is an alkaline builder booster specially formulated to assist in the removal of heavy soils found on F & B linen, engineering overalls, etc., in moderate hard water situations. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with SATFAB ACTION for excellent results.


Appearance      :  White Fine Powder
pH                        :  10.73 (1% solution)


Recommended dosage is between 1‐8 gms./kg. of dry load to sequester water hardness upto 200 ppm. The dosage will vary depending on the wash temperature, Soil Level, type of linen, performance required and water hardness. Our Technical Customer Service Personnel will be happy to advise on appropriate dosage and suitable wash processes for your laundry.

Safe on fabric. Does not contain caustic soda.

Special formulation helps in loosening of stubborn stains, thus giving better wash quality.


Soda Ash                                              :  25%

Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate (STTP)  :  75%


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