Automobile Cleaner

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Automobile Cleaner

SATOL AUTOMOBILE CLEANER is a concentrated general purpose cleaner cum sanitizer which doesn’t contains any abrasive or bleaches and is ideal for the quick & gentle cleaning of all hard surfaces.


Form                       :  Liquid

Appearance         :  Light Pink

Odour                     :  Rose

Specific Gravity    :  1.01±0.05 g/cm3

Solubility                :  100% water soluble

PH                            :  10.35±0.5 in 1% solution
                                    11.0±0.5 in Concentrate 


Prepare 0.3% solution from the concentrate in order to get correct working solution.

Normal : 3 ml in 1 Litre of work solution.

Heavy : 10 ml in 1 Litre of work solution.

Excellent for automated machines where manual cleaning is not preferred.

Economical, with low dosage of 0.3% of the working solution only.


Anionic Surfactants   :  15-30%

EDTA                               :  5%  


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