Foamless Cleaners

  1. SATOL FAC – Foamless caustic additive germicidal cleaner for cleaning and disinfection during CIP process. It can be used in CIP circuits as well as for general manual cleaning depending upon application requirement.
  2. SATOBASE FL – Liquid alkaline foamless cleaner with perfect blend of Non Foaming Surfactants and Sodium Hypochlorite. The presence of surfactants offer wetting action and potassium hydroxide provides a strong detergent & descaling effect. It is very effective for use in daily cleaning applications of Milk Collection and Processing Equipments like milking machines, bulk milk coolers etc.
  3. SATOCID FL – Acidic nature foamless cleaner developed for daily use in the Food Processing Industries, especially at Milk Collection & Processing Units. It is a perfect blend of inorganic acids and non foaming surfactants.