Industrial Care

Globalization has brought the world closer, with reducing distance between customers and solution provider; we are observing each day new options for existing needs in cleaning and sanitation. Equally important in present scenario is the changing benchmarks of the Industry. Customers need world class solutions to their present and emerging requirements and we have grown along their lines. To service our customers we focus various Industries where Cleaning & Sanitation are one of the most important components of Business Process.

We cater to Breweries, Beverages, Dairies & other Food Processing units, by matching expectations of customers and serving them to their Delight. We also believe that people have different specialized requirements for cleaning, where one may be different from other, so we focus on strong R&D integration with our Business Process.

In Breweries & Beverages, we cater to their different needs like Glass Bottle Washing, Lubrication & Sanitation of Conveyor Chains, Cleaning In Place (CIP) and General cleaning of the plant. And in Dairies we provide best solution for Plant CIP, Sanitation and General Plant Cleaning.