Internal Cleaning

  1. SATFOAM CL – Liquid alkaline chlorinated foam cleaner developed for daily open plant cleaning requirements. The product is a perfect blend of potassium hydroxide, high foaming surfactants and hypochlorite. The presence of surfactants offers an improved sanitizing action and potassium hydroxide provides a strong detergent effect.
  2. LIZA – Multipurpose liquid cleaner for daily manual cleaning applications of tanks, crates, cans, floor, trays and other process areas. It is a combination of Anionic, Non Ionic base surfactants and Sequesting agents. Non Ionic surfactant reduces the surface tension, Anionic surfactant gives cleaning effect and Sequesting Agent results in descaling.
  3. SS (Stainless Steel) Cleaner – Ideal for cleaning and removal of surface contaminants like dirt, residue, fingerprints, water spots and other markings that you notice on stainless steel. It has been developed from surface chemistry research for metals, to clean and remove surface contaminants, while at the same time imparting a smudge and residue free surface.