A decade into Business and experience all along has taught us the practical way to Growth i.e catering to exact needs of the customer. We have accumulated all of our resources in generation of EXPERTISE. We now support with specific In & Out of our customers Business Process. This allows us the valuable learning to reach out with confidence, stay ahead of our fellow competitors and achieve sustainable growth.

Glass Bottle Washing is one area where we now hold major share in Indian Markets. Glass Bottles are commonly used to market Beers, Soft Drinks, Wines etc. In Beer and Beverage segment they are reused to economise the cost, by default also cutting the environmental cost. Each Glass Bottle recycled and cleaned, cuts the pollution and unnecessary cost involved in production or procurement. Glass Bottles are cleaned and sanitized along with existing Label removal by our Products.

When production in high, one needs to automate the process to cut down manual errors and increase efficiency. Automated plants have SS or similar components for transportation of packaged goods and the same needs lubrication to run smoothly. We provide state of the art products and equipments for Conveyor Chain Lubrication and sanitation.

Cleaning-In-Process is an essential component of plant maintenance along with enhancing the quality, plant efficiency & shelf life of the products of F&B industry. We make sure by quality of our product that our customers get the best in industry solutions.

General Plant cleaning & Sanitation is upcoming trend towards All Round Cleaning. We provide full range of chemicals and equipments such as High Jet Pressure Cleaners, Foam Cleaning Machines, etc. for the same.

Our new age products take care that we are one point touch base for various cleaning and sanitation requirements.