Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)

  1. SATOL AC – Alkaline Caustic Additive, which is a combination of highly concentrated cleaner with low foaming surfactants for reducing surface tension and cationic disinfectant for quick sanitation. Usage reduces the caustic soda consumption with excellent cleaning results.
  2. SATONIL PA (5 & 15%) – Fast action sanitizer based on stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid. It is highly effective against most of the microorganisms and viruses even in cold water. Peracetic Acid provides fast sanitizing and Hydrogen Peroxide renders the product suitable for flushing or immersion with better results when compared with Quarts, Phenols, Aldehydes & Halogens.
  3. SATOCID – Low foaming acidic cleaner and sanitizer for CIP. Effective removal of beerstone from tanks and vessels without any affects on material of construction.
  4. SATOL DS – Excellent descaler which efficiently removes Ca and Mg scales from any hard surface with immediate prevention from new scale deposits. It can be used directly as well as in combination with acid solution in CIP systems.
  5. SATOL P –   Powder based caustic additive for internal cleaning and disinfection of tanks, equipments and very soiled pipework. It is a perfect combination of non ionic and cationic biodegradable surfactants with speciality phosphate and sequesting agents.